The Urbane Gentleman is an image coaching and lifestyle management service for men who believe that a polished image is essential for personal and professional success.

Urbane [ur-beyn] distinguishes those who portray effortless style, cultured refinement and eclectic sophistication in character and expression.

It all began with the idea of helping men achieve great personal style. From years of coaching friends and colleagues, I envisioned combining my experience with my passion for helping others achieve self-confidence through their appearance. It was then that The Urbane Gentleman was born.

Your image is a brand – a personal billboard that projects a message to the world. I will educate and help you create, build and maintain an image that is distinguished and polished, yet uniquely you. My commitment is that you always put your best foot forward in terms of your appearance, behavior, and communication.

So, take a look through the site, get in touch and let’s work together to achieve
the style and image that defines and refines you.

Godfried Addae
Founder, The Urbane Gentleman