So you’re an image consultant…isn’t that the same as a fashion stylist?

Not at all! An image consultant builds, maintains and improves a client’s image through their appearance (dress and grooming), behavior (social skills and etiquette) and communication (presentation skills, diction etc).  Their goal is to educate clients on how to do this for themselves over time. A stylist deals more with creating a look or feeling associated with current fashion trends.  Their services are often used more for photo shoots, film and other media outlets.

While a stylist focuses solely on a single event, an image consultant focuses on long term image and style in addition to special events.

Interesting…but why is my personal image important?

Consider it an outward manifestation of your personality and character. I believe that when you look your best, you feel your best, and you can be your best. When clients look great, communicate effectively, and present a well rounded and harmonious image, they can realize a greater measure of personal happiness and professional achievement with benefits that can reach well into the future.

How can I benefit from your image consultations?

The benefits are dependent on what your specific style and image goals are.  They can range from attracting a new love to landing a new job. Results-oriented individuals and professionals know that in order to get ahead in life, image matters. It’s not about what you wear, but how you wear it and what it says about you. Along the same lines, it’s not just about how you act, but how you interact, and how others react to you.

Well, what types of clients would hire an image consultant? Are they all clueless?

Clients are mainly those who want to enhance their personal and professional lives by improving their image. This includes: college graduates, bankers, lawyers, doctors, professionals in transition, entrepreneurs, public relations professionals, athletes, and television/media personnel.  There are also clients with great style that may need an image consultant to personally shop for them due to their busy schedules.

What do you mean by personal branding?

Personal branding is the process by which we ‘market’ ourselves to others. As a brand, you can leverage the same strategies that make celebrities or corporate brands appealing to others. Your image is a direct reflection of your personal brand in the same way the BMW or Lexus represents high quality, luxury cars.  First impressions are formed within 20 seconds of meeting, long before any words are spoken.  Why leave that to chance?

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